Tres Meses A Cinco

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Folklorico Dressmaking Class: 

Tres Meses A Cinco (Three Months To Five) is an innovative project in which we will teach eight students how to sew folklorico dresses in 3 months starting on March 5th leading up to Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) in which we will creatively unveil these incredible dresses the students have designed. 

A Folklorico dress is a vibrant and ornate work of art widely recognized for its bright colors, intricate embroidery, ruffles, and flowing skirts.

This project will feature visual documentation, including interviews, performances, and videos of the student's sewing process of creating their folklorico dresses. This collection of footage will be compiled and released into a mini-documentary, which will also be released on Cinco de Mayo.

Course Duration: 3 Months (March 5th - May 5th)

Class Size: Limited to Eight Students

Cost: Free of Charge

Meeting Schedule: Once a Week, Five Hours per Session

Class Location: To Be Announced (TBA)

Class Information:

This innovative 3-month Folklorico Dressmaking course is free of charge, and students are only required to purchase fabric and other accessories for their dresses. Students will receive a supply list during the first meeting for the class on March 5th.

The class will meet once a week for five hours, allowing for in-depth exploration and hands-on learning. Students will gain the fundamental skills and techniques required to design and construct Folklorico dresses and a deep understanding of the cultural significance behind each element.

Week 1-2: Introduction to Folklorico and Costume Design

  • Overview of Folklorico dance and its regional variations
  • Introduction to different styles of Folklorico dresses
  • Understanding the cultural and historical context of Folklorico costumes
  • Basics of costume design: color theory, fabric selection, and pattern choice

Week 3-4: Essential Sewing Skills

  • Introduction to sewing machine operation and safety
  • Basic hand-sewing techniques
  • Understanding and interpreting sewing patterns
  • Fabric preparation and cutting techniques

Week 5-6: Construction of the Skirt

  • Measurement and fitting for skirts
  • Gathering and pleating techniques
  • Adding ruffles and tiers
  • Finishing touches: hems and closures

Week 7-8: Bodice Construction and Embellishments

  • Size and fitting for bodices
  • Introduction to bodice patterns
  • Creating decorative elements: appliqué, lace, and embroidery
  • Incorporating traditional embellishments

Week 9-10: Sleeves and Accessories

  • Different sleeve styles in Folklorico dresses
  • Techniques for creating puffed sleeves and ruffles
  • Making complementary accessories: aprons, shawls, and headpieces
  • Coordinating colors and patterns for a cohesive look

Week 11-12: Final Project and Presentation

  • Completion of individual Folklorico dresses
  • Final fitting and adjustments
  • Dress presentation on Cinco de Mayo
  • Discussion on the cultural significance of each participant's dress.

This Folklorico Dressmaking course is a unique opportunity for beginners to explore their creativity and delve into the art of traditional Mexican dance costumes. The once-a-week, five-hour sessions allow for a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. This class ensures accessibility, and students will only need to purchase fabric and accessories, which will be provided during the first meeting on March 5th. The specific class location is yet to be announced (TBA). The course concludes with a festive dress presentation on Cinco de Mayo, celebrating the achievements of the eight students.


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